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Recommended Reading List for Different Ages

Understanding all of the emotional aspects that come from divorce is hard for adults, so imagine how difficult it may be for children? Understanding why Mommy and Daddy aren't living together anymore, why everyone is fighting, getting step-parents, step-siblings, etc. These books can help you have the challenging conversations with children, from toddler to teenager, and help ease your family's transition. 

Courses for Effective Co-Parenting

Our local counties offer a variety of parenting and co-parenting classes to help you, as a parent, help your children navigate separation, divorce or a custody dispute. Some counties require these courses as part of the child custody process, and can help you in your custody case. Below are several local courses that Spidell Family Law would recommend. 

  • Parenting Under Two Roofs (Alamance, Guilford, Randolph Counties)

  • Welcome Baby! (Parenting Path- Forsyth County)

  • Fathers are Parents Too! (Parenting Path- Forsyth County)

  • Parent/Teen Solutions (Parenting Path- Forsyth County)

  • Two Families Now (Guilford County)

  • Father's Matter (Guilford County)


For more information on these courses, which one would be best for your family and how they affect your case, make sure to ask Attorney Spidell. 

Woman Studying
Teenagers in Library
  • "I Feel, Feel, Feel about My Parent's Divorce" by Jane Un  

  • "When Mom and Dad SePaRaTe" by Marge Heegaard 

  • "Divorce is Not the End of the World: Zoe's and Evan's Coping Guide for Kids" by Zoe and Evan Stern. 

  • "Two Homes" by Claire Masurel 

  • "Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids" by Isolina Ricci, Ph D

  • "What in the World Do You Do When Your Parents Divorce" by Kent Winchester and Roberta Reyer

  • "Standing on My Own Two Feet: A Child's Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce" by Tamara Schmitz 

  • "Divorce Helpbook for Kids" by Cynthia MacGregor

  • "Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Help Teenagers With Their Parent's Separation and Divorce" by Lynn Cassella-Kapusinki 

This is not a complete list, and Attorney Spidell may have other recommended books to help your children successfully navigate your case's specific issues. 

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