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Megan E. Spidell

Our Family Wizard

| Mar 6, 2019 | Firm News

This app has reinvented co- parenting- so much so that judges are requiring it as part of their Court Orders, Attorneys are recommending it to their clients, and it is being used all over the country (and world). So what is it?

Our Family Wizard is an innovative website (and app for phones) which allows you to communicate through messaging, upload calendars with doctor’s appointments, school events, sports practices, family vacations, PTA meetings, and everything else that needs to be “Scheduled” to effectively co-parent. It also allows you to input your custody schedules, request and approve changes to that schedule, upload receipts for medical or extra-curricular expense reimbursements, and all of it comes with “Read” receipts to “prove” it for Court.

Everything is documented and easily admitted into Court if necessary. It is not modifiable (like text messages) and it even allows you to grant access to professionals- therapists, attorneys, parenting coordinators, etc. Recently I was watching the new Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey Movie, “Mile 22” and even one of the stars of that movie was using OFW in the movie.

This application is encouraging (or maybe forcing) parents to co-parent more efficiently, with less drama and eliminating the “he said, she said” because everything is documented. I highly recommend Our Family Wizard to my clients, especially those who are having difficulty effectively co-parenting.

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