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Ms. Spidell handled my divorce with efficiency and the utmost professionalism. She stayed in constant contact with me regarding next steps and was always available to answer my questions.

I highly, highly recommend Megan. We started our relationship in a stressful emergency ex-parte order and “ended” our relationship when I was awarded sole physical and legal custody. She is fast and accurate and strongly on point. I have had to call upon her several times since for an affidavit and appearances to defend the order, and it still stands today. Words cannot explain how grateful I am.

Ms. Spidell offered fantastic counseling during a devastating time and was a pillar of comfort throughout, while providing me with invaluable information! Ms. Spidell’s expertise, coupled with general kindheartedness, was refreshing and assisted me more than I can describe! My divorce proceedings ended favorably and it was a virtually painless process for me. Highly recommend.

Mary Caitlin is a very dedicated attorney with the most professional representation. She stuck by me and gave me so much reassurance while dealing with a very stressful case. I admire Mary for her composure, work ethic, and most of all excellent representation. Mary expertise and clear guidance made it clear that I made the right decision hiring her as my attorney. She went over and behind for me and my family. I have and will always recommend Mary Caitlin. I am forever grateful for such an amazing attorney.

I found Megan’s attorney profile online and I am so glad I did! Megan helped me through the most difficult time. My ex-wife was trying to take my kids, and Megan helped not only save my visitation but actually got full custody. I am so happy that Megan was my attorney and would recommend her to anyone I know.

Harvey Barbee is AMAZING. He has been working with me on a custody battle for 2 years and has been nothing but understanding, responsive and easy to work with. He won me FULL custody of my son. We went into a trial hearing due to being unable to reach a reasonable agreement upon both parties and he made the other parties attorney look clueless. He will be my attorney for any and all needs from now on. He is the best in the business by far!!

Excellent results in resolving custody and child support for teenagers. I am extremely satisfied with the attention to detail, and quick resolution while in court. I couldn’t recommend more highly.

Megan did exactly as promised and when it came to interviewing my grandson she was able to piece together many details that he would not have been comfortable doing with a stranger but her style and kindness allowed him to open up. That was key in helping this otherwise difficult case.

Ms. Spidell handled my divorce with efficiency and the utmost professionalism. She stayed in constant contact with me regarding next steps and was always available to answer my questions.

Excellent Attorney -one of the few with International family law experience.

Fantastic Family Attorney! (Attentive, Aggressive, Responsive) I highly recommend Megan Spidell and her team. Megan was professional, informative, and went immediately to work on our behalf. She responds promptly to emails, phone calls, and concerns. She offered amazing legal advice when asked and her office always kept us informed. If you are looking for an attorney who isn’t scared to attack a problem head on, Megan is the attorney for you!

Fantastic! Megan was absolutely fantastic. She and her team went above and beyond to assist me, even when it went beyond what she was hired for. I really can’t say enough about how professional and caring she was. Would definitely go back if I ever needed assistance in the future.

Effective and caring-Like anyone else in a domestic situation you shop around for the best attorney. Megan clicked with me from the first meeting. She was extremely nice and actually listen to what was going on, however in court she was very aggressive and fought for me as hard as she could. I really appreciated that she made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Megan Spidell to anyone who needs help with any domestic situation.

Passionate Litigator- Megan is a hardworking, trustworthy, and passionate attorney. She continues to represent all of her clients zealously, while remaining a professional officer of the court.

Megan is a top of the line attorney one of the very best. She worked very hard on my case and I was very impressed with her presentation in court. She always kept me up to date with what was going on with my case. She is patient and very kind. She is one of the best at what she does.

I am a new client of Ms. Spidell’s but she has been awesome. I have total confidence in her ability. I am going through a custody battle and Ms. Spidell has been reassuring and has been wonderful and patient and answering all my questions.

Trustworthy Attorney-I was a client of Ms. Spidell’s and she was AMAZING to work with. When going through such personal issues it’s hard to understand what your options really are. Megan laid everything out on the table and fought to get the best results for me and my children. She was always available to answer my phone calls, day, night and even on the weekends. I really trusted her counsel and knew that she was working hard for me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with family law needs; divorce/custody.